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Susan Meyer
Research Ecologist
USDA FS - Rocky Mountain Research Station, Shrub Sciences Laboratory
735 North 500 east
Provo, Utah 84606

Family Scientific Name: Polygonaceae
Family Common Name: Buckwheat family
Scientific Name: Eriogonum alatum
Common Name: Wing Buckwheat
Species Code: ERIALA
Ecotype: Utah 2200m
General Distribution: E. alatum is found in the Southern Rocky Mountain states.
Propagation Goal: Plants
Propagation Method: Seed
Propagule Collection: E. alatum flowers in late summer and seeds ripen in August, depending on elevation.
Propagule Processing: Seeds are cleaned by hand rubbing material through a 2 mm round hole screen. Caff is removed from seed by using a tabletop model blower.
Achenes are stored at 20 to 22C with 30 to 40% relative humidity in paper envelopes until mid October.
Achene mass averages 5.5 to 6.1 mg per 100 achenes.
Pre-Planting Treatments: 6 prechilling treatments were used: 0,2,4,8,12,16 and 24 weeks of moist chilling at 2C in the dark.
Growing Area Preparation/
Annual Practices for Perennial Crops:

Following chilling treatments, seeds were incubated 4 weeks under a daily temperature and photoperiod regime (12hr dark at 10C and 12hr light at 20C)with a cool flourescent light.
Achenes were placed in disposable petri plates on 2 blue germination blotter papers moistened with tap water. Blotter papers were re-moistened as needed.
Establishment Phase: Results and Discussion: All 3 collections of E. alatum were completely non dormant without chilling, but the achenes did not germinate while under the 24 week chilling treatment.
This pattern suggests that E. alatum is primarily autim emerging.
In another experiment, we showed that this species can germinate in 3 days or less at warm temperatures.
References: Chilling Requirements for seed germination of 10 Utah species of perennial wild buckwheat. Meyer SE and Paulsen A. Native Plants Journal, Spring 2000, 1(1):18-24.

Anonymous. 2000. Propagation protocol for production of Eriogonum alatum plants; USDA FS - Rocky Mountain Research Station, Shrub Sciences Laboratory, Provo, Utah. In: Native Plant Network. URL: http://www.nativeplantnetwork.org (accessed 3 September 2015). Moscow (ID): University of Idaho, College of Natural Resources, Forest Research Nursery.