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Native Plant Nursery
USDI NPS - Glacier National Park
West Glacier, Montana 59936
(406) 888-7835

Family Scientific Name: Rosaceae
Family Common Name: Rose family
Scientific Name: Fragaria virginiana Duchesne
Common Name: Wild strawberry
Species Code: FRAVIR
Ecotype: Lodgepole Forest margin, Glacier National Park, Flathead Co., MT.
General Distribution: F. virginiana occurs in open woods and meadows to streambanks, plains and mountains; from Alaska to California, east to the Atlantic Coast. 
Propagation Goal: Plants
Propagation Method: Vegetative
Product Type: Bareroot (field grown)
Stock Type: Bareroot plants
Time To Grow: 1 Years
Target Specifications: Height: 5 cm
Caliper: n/a
Root System: Bareroot transplant with well developed root system.
Propagule Collection: Vegetative Propagation Method: Spring or fall divisions
Type of Cutting: Divisions. 30 to 50 plants with stolons are placed in a raised bed.
Propagule Processing: none
Pre-Planting Treatments: none
Growing Area Preparation/
Annual Practices for Perennial Crops:

Outdoor nursery in raised bed that is equal parts: well rotted cow manure, sand, and soil mix.
Establishment Phase: Transplants establish in raised bed in 2 weeks.
Length of Establishment Phase: 2 weeks
Active Growth Phase: Hundreds of plants can be generated in one growing season. These are outplanted as bareroot material or can be potted into containers.
Length of Active Growth Phase: 16 weeks
Hardening Phase: None; plants are lifted from bed and planted as bareroot material.
Harvesting, Storage and Shipping: Total Time To Harvest: 1 year
Harvest Date: Spring or fall
Storage Conditions: Overwinter in raised bed in the outdoor nursery under snow cover.
Length of Storage: 4 months
Outplanting performance on typical sites: Outplanting Site: Logan Pass,Glacier National Park, MT.
Outplanting Date: Spring or Fall
Outplanting Survival at 3 years: 45%. Higher rates of outplanting survival may be achievable using container plants.
Other Comments: Seed Propagation Method: Direct Seeding, not tried.
Seed Processing: Seeds are collected when the fruits turn red in mid summer. Seeds are cleaned by maceration using a Dyb-vig cleaner, and is washed and screened.
Seed longevity is estimated at 3 years.
Seed dormancy is classified as physiological dormancy.
Seed Treatments: A minimum of a 85 day cold, moist stratification is recommended for this species. Germination occurs at 21C. Seeds are lightly covered with medium.
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