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Steve Parr
Upper Colorado Environmental Plant Center
P.O. Box 448, 5538 - RBC 4
Meeker, Colorado 81641
(970) 878-5003
(970) 878-5004

Family Scientific Name: Gramineae
Scientific Name: Calamagrostis canadensis (Michx.) Beauv.
Common Name: Bluejoint reedgrass
Species Code: CACAT
Ecotype: Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Propagation Goal: Plants
Propagation Method: Seed
Product Type: Propagules (seeds, cuttings, poles, etc.)
Propagule Collection: Collected in Rocky Mounatin National Park, Colorado.
Propagule Processing: Seed Processing: Air screen cleaner and debearder.
Seeds/lb.: 3.5 to 4.7 million.
Germination: 80%.
Pre-Planting Treatments: Seed Treatment: None.
Growing Area Preparation/
Annual Practices for Perennial Crops:

Propagation Environment: Field grown.
Seed Propagations Method: Direct seeding.
Establishment Phase: Sowing Date: Spring plnat 3/4 to 1" deep.
Sowing/Plant Technique: Planet Jr. 50-70 seed/ft. - 1/2" deep or less. 5' spacing on rows.
Hardening Phase: N/A.
Length of Hardening Phase: N/A.
Harvesting, Storage and Shipping: Harvest Date: Hand harvest.
Storage Conditons: Cool and dry.
Length of Storage: At least 2 years.
Other Comments: Vegetative Propagation Method: Can be established from Rhizomes.

Noller, Gary L. 2001. Propagation protocol for production of Calamagrostis canadensis (Michx.) Beauv. plants; Upper Colorado Environmental Plant Center, Meeker, Colorado. In: Native Plant Network. URL: http://www.nativeplantnetwork.org (accessed 28 August 2015). Moscow (ID): University of Idaho, College of Natural Resources, Forest Research Nursery.