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Carol and Jerry Baskin
University of Kentucky
University of Kentucky
Lexington, Kentucky 40506-0225

Family Scientific Name: Onagraceae
Family Common Name: Evening primrose family
Scientific Name: Chamerion angustifolium (L.) Holub. angustifolium
Common Synonym: Epilobium angustifolium L.
Common Name: Fireweed
Species Code: CHAANG
General Distribution: C. angustifolium is found throughout temperate, boreal, and arctic regions of the northern hemisphere.
Propagation Goal: Plants
Propagation Method: Seed
Product Type: Container (plug)
Propagule Processing: Seeds exhibit physiological dormancy.
Pre-Planting Treatments: Seeds are placed in cold moist stratification for 30 days. Germination occurs at 21 C.
References: McLean, A. (1967). Germination of forest range species from southern British Columbia. J. Range Manage. 20, 321-322.
Table 10.31 In: Baskin, C.J. and Baskin, J.M. Seeds: Ecology, Biogeography and Evolution in Dormancy and Germination, Academic Press, 1998. Chapter 10: A Geographical Perspective on Germination Ecology: Temperate and Arctic Zones, pages 331 to 458.

Baskin, Carol C.; Baskin, Jerry M. 2002. Propagation protocol for production of container Chamerion angustifolium (L.) Holub. angustifolium plants; University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky. In: Native Plant Network. URL: http://www.nativeplantnetwork.org (accessed 3 September 2015). Moscow (ID): University of Idaho, College of Natural Resources, Forest Research Nursery.